CNC Turning-Milling Machine

HD Video of CNC Turning-Milling Machine
FNL-250SY CNC Turning-Milling Machine
  • The space within the machining zone has been maximized to prevent any tool interference and provide the utmost flexibility and substantically reduce any chance of collision between the cutting tools and the machine.
  • Axis Pathways Spindle Hole Capacity Rexroth roller type linear guide ways ensure the highest accuracy is maintained during high speed machining. These high hardness guide ways provide excellent rigidity and impart very fast linear motion.
  • Spindle Hole Capacity The high speed high precision spindle combines front angular ball bearing and rear single row roller bearing to ensure optimum running and cutting precision even during extended periods of machining.
  • The 8" spindle is designed with a spindle bore of 77mm and accepts bar stock to 65mm diameter.
  • The 10" spindle is designed with a spindle bore of 88mm and accepts bar stock to 77mm diameter.
  • High Rigidity Power Turret New high rigidity BMT power turret and tool holder is fixed using four bolts and a positioning key for the ultimate in stable cutting. This unit uses an oversized curved tooth clutch to enhance rigidity and accuracy of cutting tools during machining.

High Precision Built in Spindle

  • Built in main and sub spindles are available.
  • Built in spindles do not cause the vibrations imparted by belt drives.
  • Built in spindles offer lower inertia and quicker acceleration/deceleration.
  • An oil cooler is standard on built in spindles for reduced thermal deformation.
Specifications Unit FBL-250Y FBL-250SY FBL-320Y FBL-320SY
Turning Range          
Swing over bed mm 600 600 600 600
Max cutting diameter mm 460 460 460 460
Max cutting length mm 558 558 548 548
Max bar material diameter (main) mm 65 65 77 77
Max bar material diameter (sub) mm 52 52 52 52
Main spindle nose   A2-6 A2-6 A2-8 A2-8
Main spindel chuck size inch 8" 8" 10" 10"
Main spindle motor KW 11/15 11/15 11/15 11/15
Sub spindle nose   - A2-5 - A2-5
Sub spindel chuck size inch - 6" - 6"
Sub spindle motor KW - 5.5/7.5 - 5.5/7.5
Number of tools tools 12 12 12 12
Turning tool size mm 25x25 25x25 25x25 25x25
Boring tool size mm 40 40 40 40
X axis travel mm 310 310 310 310
Z axis travel mm 620 620 620 620
Y axis travel mm 110 (±55) 110 (±55) 110 (±55) 110 (±55)