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Focus CNC is located in Taichung City, Taiwan and established since January 2000. We are the professional machine tool manufacturer specialized in CNC slant-bed lathe machines with business concept “High product quality, excellent service experience, satisfy customer’s demand”. With total quality management and improvements, our product quality upgrades continuously. With our progressive and innovative R&D team, our machines satisfy the customer’s various demand. With our professional and reliable service team, our customers always get fast technical support. All of these composes the solid foundation of Focus CNC to being the first-rate CNC lathe manufacturer.


Manufacturing production

Educational training

Mechanical maintenance

Technical  consulting


Quality inspection

After-sales service


Employee Value

- Realize employees’ self-fulfilment -

We create the good environment, company culture and the completed training system for positive learning to encourage our employees’ self-learning and job training. By improving the skills and ability, our employees can realize their maximum potential in different challenges, and offer their unique contributions to the company’s mission.


Enterprise Commitment

- Create the value and satisfy customer’s demand -

Focus CNC operate the business with openness, transparency, efficiency and law-abidingness to continuously create the profit and sustainably run the company. We value the feedback from our employees, suppliers and customers, and then positively response to their request. We do our best to create the happiness in the workplace and let our employees be supported and developed properly. We continuously innovate our products and upgrade our service. All of these are for achieving the goal, satisfy our customers.


Social Responsibility

-   Concern the environment and sustainable development -

To decrease the carbon emissions, we continuously develop digital tools. By the energy management of our smart system, the operator can control the machine status by the graphic presentation and decrease the carbon emissions. We try to satisfy our customer’s demand but also make effort for sustainable development.


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