Linearways CNC Lathe

FCL-120 Linearways CNC Lathe
  • Designed with a 30 degree slant bed + base, providing the highest precision and stability. High efficiency chip removal (optional rear exit).
  • Optional auto parts loading system increases production efficiency.
  • Reduced part change time. Door open/shut time also reduced to prevent oil mist escaping.
  • Keeps factory clean and easier to arrange production machines.
  • Inclined rotary pallets and belt type parts loader available.

Conversational Interface Control

  • Easy conversational interface control, 5.7" black & white LCD display (Color 6.5" TFT option).
  • Conversational type robot motion control system, customer can specify robot motion processes via point to point and linear interpolation functions.
  • Hydraulic turret The high speed and high precision hydraulic turret holds 8 tools; 0.25 second tool changes (optional 10 tool capacity servo turret).


  • FCL-120/A 6000RPM spindle with 30m/min rapid traverse, for efficient machining of small work pieces.
Specifications Unit FCL-120 120A
Turning Range      
Swing over bed mm 400 400
Max cutting diameter mm 220 98
Max cutting length mm 164 164
Max bar material diameter mm(in) Ø45 Ø45
Spindle nose   A2-5 A2-5
Chunk size inch 6" 6"
Spindle moter KW 3.7/5.5 3.7/5.5
Number of tools tools 8/gang 8/gang
Turing tool size mm 20x20 20x20
Boring tool size mm 32 32
X axis travel mm 130 240
Z axis travel mm 200 200